Monday, June 24, 2019

Weekend mischief

Did you know that miniature horses look like kangaroos from a distance, through trees?

And you aren't supposed to race ahead, ignoring all yells by your peep?

AND you're not even allowed to bark at them anyway?
Roxy and Dui who got in big trouble.

We didn't either.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Friday, June 21, 2019

Nature Friday

Flowers in the frost.

And a young magpie hoping for breakfast.
A juvenile bird.....still grey.
 He got some.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Our Walk...

Today we went for a seven minute walk...







Friday, June 7, 2019

New Pups...

Today we got to meet Kenzie.  (She's Demi's, the German Shepherd, new sister).  Kenzie is part German Shepherd, too.  
She's an 11-week-old rescue pup.

This was our first meeting.  She was a bit nervous.

Bella says hello

Roxy and Dui saying hello
 Soon she was racing around with everyone.
When Coco and Ruby arrived, they brought another puppy.
This is BEAR, he's a cavoodle only 11 weeks old, too.

Dui getting up close and personal.
 Poor Bear was overwhelmed by the other 9 big dogs and spent lots of time under cars.
He'll get used to us soon.

Fangkful Friday

Finally, we were sprung from prison,
after 9 whole days!
We were so excited that when Deb came to get us with our leads, SHE said just let them out and they'll race down to get in the car.
Which we did!

Then we stopped by the river for a walk and run around.
 We definitely did not want to pose for photos.
 Roxy and even Bella took off and raced around the track.
Dui had to stay on the lead because there were cars around, and he likes to race them.
 We were even happy to get back in the car, because we were going HOME.
Bella is on the floor....her preferred travel position
After dinner, one of the kittens was in our backyard.
We chased it around and under plants until it went over the gate.
It's great to be home.
Tomorrow we start a 3-day weekend--3 days at the river for us.
We hope you have a beautiful weekend lined up!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

While the cat's away.....

the mice will play.
We know you've heard that one.
what about when the dogs are away
the C A T will play.

We're still in the lock-up (while HER eye heals)
AND this happened yesterday afternoon!
At OUR side door.

Of course, she ran off when she saw the camera.

We think it is Sibling.  T'Abby is darker.

Also, another Woodchopping event from the show:
Woodchopping is an International Event

The tall posts in the background is another competition.  The competitors must cut a V in the large pole, insert a slat, climb on, another cut, climb on the slat, cut half the log on top, climb down removing the slats and repeat for the other side.

Monday, June 3, 2019

The Dubbo Show--

that we dogs were once again excluded from.
(The show is like a county fair, we think.)
This sheep was watching the judging.
 One of the high schools bulls, shown by a student, being judged. 
 Agriculture is taught in high school.

A woodchopping event!
If your sound is on, you can hear the competetors being counted in, according to their handicaps.
The fellow on the far right--obscured--was last to start and first to finish!

Segment of sheep dog competition.

Shearing competition.
This competition was a team event.
Sheep shorn,
Fleece tidied up...getting the daggy bits off,
rolled in one piece, baled and the area cleaned up.

Of course there were also flower, chickens,  rabbits, birds, art, photographs, vegetable, fleece, baked goods, jams and craft competitions.
As well as rides, sideshow alley, businesses showing their wares,
show jumping, bands, magicians, puppet shows, baby farm animals....etc.
Always lots to see, we hear, as we NEVER get to go--
though we'd help clean up all the food stuff dropped.

Friday, May 31, 2019


Today, we're joining Kismet for:

 We live in a land of parrots.
We thought we'd share the ones most common around us.
First is the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo.
We see about a hundred of them a day.
 Next, are Galahs.

 Then the little Red-Rumped Parrot
 The Eastern Rosella is a bit rarer; but seen occasionally.
 Sometimes the Corella visits the river.
 And VERY rarely but still around, the Rainbow Lorikeet.

These are members of the parrot family that live in our area.
We wish Kismet and all the parrots of the world, a Very Happy World Parrot Day.  May there be an abundance of seeds!
We had to use Internet photos, because our camera is cheap and we never seem to have it 
when we spot parrots.
Also, we are incarcerated in camp at the moment.  SHE had a CATaract Operation yesterday.

Friday, May 24, 2019


Early morning Race and Ram video.
Roxy's favourite game--Dui just avoids her.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Solo Drive....

And it wasn't to the dreaded V-E-T!
 I, myself, got to go for a walk IN town.
It was a beautiful morning.
 Not sure about this CafĂ© 

 But you can see some of our Autumn leaves.
 I'm sitting in the Rotunda
 I wasn't even timid around this big dog.

AND why was I chosen, you ask?

Because it's my birthday!

I'm EIGHT now!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


We're on Sniffari
(we stole appropriated that term from Abby)

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Weekly wrap up

We had a good week.  Hope you did, too.
SHE said Monday was miraculous.
SHE was gone for about two hours on Monday morning
doing lots of small errands.
When SHE arrived home, first thing SHE noticed was 
the carport door open.....
Then the back door was also open.
WE WERE INSIDE (even though there were cats outside)!!
We were good dogs and didn't rampage through the 'hood in HER absence. (and Next door Jenny said she hadn't seen us out at all.)
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was the usual routine:
Early Morning Walk and another longer one in the afternoon.
It has turned cold--peep cold--so we had lots of games of dog in/dog out during the day.
Thursday we went to the Police Paddock, where we haven't been for ages, so there was loads of scents to investigate.

Friday, we had a rainy day.
Not lots of rain....but all rain is welcome.
It meant that we had a spectacular sunset.

Yesterday was a River Morning.
We were there first, and got to chase a large kangaroo!!!
We were all surprised (and stunned for a moment) before the chase was on--along the river until the 'roo went across the river.

Our friends arrived and we played chasie ,bitey face, hole-digging and dirt eating--until we were yelled at.
Roxy rolled in something; but got a dry bath with Powder Puff Shampoo instead of a hosing.  
Again, we hope you had a great week and will enjoy a treat-filled Mother's Day.