Monday, October 14, 2019

Mischief Monday......and Tuesday

First of all, look at  THIS!

In OUR front yard,  just outside our surveillance window!
And it didn't move when we told it to....

THEN on Monday, there was more mischief.
(Although, it wasn't mischief in our view.)
On our run , Roxy thought she saw something and went charging after it (ignoring all calls).  Naturally, Dui followed.
We did come back...eventually...when we didn't find anything.
SHE was so angry, we were put on leads and had to WALK
sedately next to HER.
We did not get our 'good dog' treats and SHE ignored us for the rest of the day.

This morning
Roxy started to run off again this morning.  She did come
back quickly, but had to be put on the lead.
Dui ran off a little further up the track and had to have the lead, too.
this happened!

Right in front of us and we could do NOTHING!
Except bark.
That 'roo was lucky we were restrained....


  1. Dang Cat...I hesitate to tell you but Cats have their own rules ....that change in a nano second...and they answer to no higher authority.

    Speaking of rules Dui and Roxy might need a refresher on the house rules.
    Thank goodness for leads when SHE and you 3 spotted the Roo who looked ready to rumble. Those guys pack a mean kick.
    Now I can say truly thank you for the lol/bol
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Kittehs loungin' in your front yardie??!!! sigh. Unless it's a Blogville Kitteh, you guys needs to up your barkin' game! ☺
    Okays, I gots to say, I am glads you guys were on the strings when that Roo showed up! From what I hears, they are nastier than a pack of wild raccoons! Though, I do thinks the 'no treatie' thing was a little overboard.....just sayin'
    Ruby ♥

  3. Wow, how fortunate for that 'roo that you were physically restrained, else that would have been the end of him, for sure..

  4. Bummer that you missed out on all of that fun. Stoopid leads!

  5. Wow, we have cats, squirrels, raccoons and skunks in our yard but never a kangaroo.

  6. wow on the ROO which I would love to see. here where we live there is a leash law, no dogs allowed off leash. there is an off leash park, but it is fenced. about 5 acres of run free with other dogs but no way to get out and get lost.. that is a big and beautiful cat out your front portal..

  7. We can't believe that cat was right in your front yard. Too bad you had to be on leash and couldn't chase that Roo. We think the Roo would have won that race though.

  8. I wouldn't call you three "restrained".

  9. You should not run off. Home is where all the good things are. I wouldn't run away from mom. Especially at a place with wild kangaroos.

  10. We are glad you did not get to tangle with the Roo!
    Mabel & Hilda

  11. Isn’t every day a mischief day in your house? What a Roo!

  12. Camping story:
    When my daughter was in Jr. Scouts, they were going to Camp Mary Atkinson (here in our county) to spend the rustic cabins. She was excited until she found out they would all be digging their ‘facilities’ in the ground. No ensuite...LOL

  13. That is one very very lucky Roo, it would have deserved to get chased - Doesn't it know about Mischief Monday and Tuesday??

  14. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! The nerve of that Cat!!! Also, that Roo thing looks scary. But also fun to chase! Too bad you couldn't chase!