Monday, April 21, 2014

Mischief Monday--the Incident

Saturday morning, SHE opened the car door for the dogs to get in, filled the water dish so it would be ready when we came home, opened the gate and headed off to the river, as usual.

As the Farmer's Markets were on, SHE stopped to purchase some Frangipane tarts and big German pretzels.

We were Very Near the river, when SHE noticed something was wrong.

One dog was missing!

Quickly, SHE made a U turn and headed all the way back home.

There was Bella sitting in the carport waiting.

After a few choice words, Bella was loaded into the car and we headed back to the river.

(Bella does not just get in the car, she has to make several circuits around it
 and then gets in when she's ready.)

Yesterday, we found out from the man next door, that Bella chased the car up the road when we left--flat out.
Had all the neighbours trying to round her up--to help her,
but Bella doesn't like people so wouldn't come to anyone
 or cooperate.
They finally gave up and Bella just went into the carport!

Bella, in a Daisy-like pose, sleeping off the incident.
SHE was not happy.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


We're taking part in Frankie & Ernie's Easter Treasure Hunt.
After the sun came up, we started looking for treats.
Nothin' here.

Not in here, either.

Nor here..

Nothin' in your hide-out, Roxy

Look!  I found somethin'

And here's another one!

Roo nibbles and Chicken Meringues !  YUM.
 Then we had breakfast.  Boiled eggs and a hot cross bun.
We weren't allowed to have any of the chocolate Bilbies.
Then it was off to the river.

Note to new readers:  The little Bilby is an endangered Australian animal.  Every Easter we buy chocolate Bilbies instead of Bunnies, because there is a donation from the purchase to help them.

Prince William, Kate and George are in Oz this week.  And they were going to the zoo in Sydney to meet a little bilby named George in honour of the little prince.


Hope you're having a fantastic Weekend everyone.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Present from Ernie!

Roxy got a special present from Ernie about 87 weeks ago, but had to wait until closer to Easter to open it.
 I, Bella, helped her open it!

No she didn't, she photo-bombed!

 There was a fantastic card.

 Very appropriate....

Roxy is a lot 'quacked'.
There WAS a new blue ball, 
but she grabbed that and ran off to her hide-out.
So there's no photo.

 Then she went WILD over the new squeaky toy!
It's the same toy Roxy sent Ernie for Easter....
talk about great minds.
Roxy was so excited that she couldn't wait for it to be taken off the cardboard.
She ran around for ages squeaking both squeakers.

 Then she decided to try some of the white treats in the box.

 Sorry, Ernie, she didn't like them much.  Only ate a couple.

 And finally, got some help to get her 'Gator' off the packaging.

She's been squeaking that thing all day! 
We think the neighbours may be getting up a petition...
That card is so right,  she's definitely 'quacked'.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Flashback Friday...

There was a time when Roxy was the little one.....
And Bella annoyed her...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Thankful Thursday Surprise...

Yesterday, when we came home from the river,
 there was a box by our door. 
It was from the Cowspot dogs Reilly and Denny.
The box was FULL of surprises.

We could hardly wait to see everything.
This packet smells divine!
Reilly's and Denny's mum is VERY talented and she sent this card that she made.
Isn't it GORGEOUS?

There was a letter to explain about everything in the box.
We were more interested in THIS packet.
We each got only two of these treats.
They're super delicious!
But the photos didn't really come out. 

Look at all these things:
 Two scottie T-Shirts made by their mum,
 using Aboriginal Art techniques.
Fig Newtons 
(because SHE once mentioned SHE missed those.)
Butterfinger bars and Butterfinger peanut butter cups...
Oreos and Peeps! 
 We've seen Peeps on some blogs, but we've never had any.
Bella, if we sneak 'round the side we can probably grab those treats.

We all feel so SPECIAL!

Thank you Reilly, Denny and your Mum!
Thank you doesn't really express how we feel.