Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mayorz Marathon 2015

Welcome, Blogville!
Well our runners in the First Ever Mayorz Marathon are coming through Mile 5.  It's a long run today--25 miles.
A few front runners have charged ahead, but here we're seeing those pups whose strategy is to go slow and steady and make their moves closer to the finish line.
We have the Blogville Police Chopper here, it'll move along as the runners go through.

 Mile 6 and the crowd has thinned out some!  A few have baulked at the bridge--unsure it's safe.
But everything has been checked and double checked to ensure safety and security.
A few have stopped for a quick dip in the river.
Even one of the Mayorz.

Now they've come up the hill, around the bend and into town.

They're going past the Pastoral Hotel (hotels in Oz are Pubs.)

We think we may have lost a few runners,  the call of a drink is just too much.
Hey Guys, there's still A LONG WAY to GO!

And Madi's providing FREE drinks just AHEAD!  
Good Luck, everyone!  Keep going!

Friday, April 17, 2015


The sun's coming up!

Come out Mr Fox, time for a game of chase......
He didn't show.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


This morning, we chased a fox!  

Not a stuffie fox like our exburping, ex-squeaking fox, 
but  a REAL FOX!

There were two young foxes playing in the calf paddock, 
 they weren't watching, and just as we walked by,
one came through the fence on OUR side.

We were OFF quick as a flash.
Chased it right down to the river.

(The other fox just jumped into high grass on its side.)

It was VERY exciting.
Sorry no pictures...SHE didn't even HAVE the camera!

Dui was so excited he kept racing around and  chased a jogger......
He got in trouble for that.
 We're going to look for those foxes tomorrow....
and probably every day for the next few years.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Early Morning Walk....

Checking out the Cricket pitch.

These things have popped up all over the Cricket  oval.

Bella glowing

Wild games

Why is SHE making that strange noise?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can you guess what this is?

 It's a soaking wet treat pocket.
All the crumbs are gone and it's now clean.

I do lots of jobs around the house.
(Note to self:  Do not leave track pants on the floor.)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Guess Who is.......

six today!

That's right.....Bella!

We started our day at 5:30 a.m. when we alerted the whole 
street that the cats were once again in our garden
and were NOT invited to Bella's birthday.

Shortly after 7 we headed to the river.
We chased the calves away from the water.
 We think they had a meeting about us......

Bella's favourite puddle was still there, and she had a few rounds of 'catch the rock'.

By then, all the other dogs arrived, so we played some games and had cheesy bacon muffins for a birthday snack.
No photos, the muffins were snaffled up too quickly.

They were delicious!
In the afternoon, after some special roo chews, we went for another walk.....
 along the Tracker Riley Track.

Some of the trees are just beginning to change.

Dui forgot  the bridge was safe to cross.
We walked down to Bella's second favourite beach on the river.

Bella raced around like a puppy and dug in the sand.

 Except for the bath when we got home, we think she had a fantastic birthday.

SHE, on the other hand using HBO words remembered why we stopped walking along that track.......too many other walkers, runners, cyclists and other dogs.  We get a bit excited.