Friday, May 22, 2015

May 22

Yep, May 22nd!

It mean a lot in this household.

It was Kendra's Birthday......

It is the anniversary of our present car......

It was NEARLY Dui's Gotcha Day...

It is a reminder of the Great Stilnox (Ambien, Zolpidem) incident....
but that's another story......


most importantly,

when SHE got my papers from the Rescue People.....

It was MY ( Roxy) estimated BIRTHDAY!


I received  package from my ♥♥♥Ernie♥♥♥ !!!!

Happy Birthday 'To the One I Love'.....

SHE made the others stay in the house while I got to 
open MY present alone.

 It was FILLED with gifts!
 There were stuffies that can FLOAT!
 The fluffy bone, and a scrunchy pig!

SHE got a BONE key chain and a WHOLE BOX
of those SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS that SHE loves.
 Dui was cryin' and carrying on, so SHE let him out!  I had to protect all my stuff.
 Dui decided he wanted the PIG!

No Way, Dui!
 Then he grabbed it and gave it the Scottie Death Shake!

 Oh, for the Official Birthday photo, I wore my new STAR collar that Ernie sent me in his EASTER package
and special Roxy and Ernie tag.


I forgot to tell you that Ernie sent me SPECIAL BIRTHDAY sunnies.....just like HIS!

Muuuuwaaaaah Ernie!  I love you! and everything in my 
Birthday package.

Oh, it rained all last night, but we did get in a big walk and had a dinner with Sardines
and cheese and ice cream!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wordless Wargames Wednesday...

Bella does not like Wargames......she prefers to do solo zoomies.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sarge's Snicker Saturday

 This week we had extra CLEAN poo bags.

SHE found them in HER dog-walking trackies AFTER they'd been through the wash, and dried.

They were a bit damp, as they were in a wad, but perfectly useable.

Occasionally, this happens to a treat.
This is for Princess Leah who always finds beautiful Butti pillars....

 We just thought this was cute.  
Well.....SHE thought it was cute.

It just makes us hungry!

Friday, May 15, 2015


WARNING:  lots of blurred photos.....sorry.

Can you see it?
On the  right side of the track, by the trees.

 It's strange and was never there before.
 Roxy runs quickly past and barks.
 Dui investigates.
 Someone left some dangerous rubbish.
 Roxy continues to keep her distance and bark.
 Dui takes a closer look.
 Roxy keeps her distance and barks.
 Bella comes to investigate.
 They do a security check.
 It's not dangerous.

 Roxy keeps her distance and barks!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Find the Dui-man....

 Is this a bit easier?

Dui loves running through tall grass, do you?