Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

 We wish you all the best for 2019.
 As for us, we'd like a bit of rain.  Not a flood. 
 But some gentle falling rain.

This shows how our year ended.
Dubbo 31/12/18 Looking south.
 A huge dust cloud blew in late afternoon.  
Looking west
On a ferocious wind.
(We used up our nervous energy then, so we 
didn't even notice the fireworks at midnight...BOL!)

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Still here...

we're still the same.  Doin' the same things--only earlier--now that the HOT weather has hit.

Chased one young 'roo, saw a snake at the river for the first time at the river.  As we were in the car leaving, SHE was happy.  First one we've seen.  In Oz, unless you find a python-type snake, you can be sure it is venomous and dangerous.

We had a great Christmas and got LOTS of TREATS.

Hope you get a chuckle out of this:

Best wishes for the New Year!

Oh, and thanks for the unexpected, but welcome cards!

XXXXXX Bella, Roxy and Dui  (Dui's perforated eardrums have not affected his hearing.)

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Friday Nature/Monday Mischief?

The time of new life, flowers, blooming trees...…...and grass seeds.

Dui, Roxy and Bella in front

A week ago, Dui started the ear scratching and head tilt.  So off we went to the Vet.  Even with two of us holding him down, he wouldn't let Dr Mervyn look in his ears.  Next day, Friday, he had to go in to be sedated for an examination.

Whatever, had been in his ears was gone, but left him with both eardrums perforated!  We suspect a grass seed as that is the usual cause at this time of year.  We left with three kinds of medication and a bill of $554.

All week SHE has been sneaking up on Dui to put in the ear drops.  He was good about the tablets, though.  Poor Dui has spent the week hiding from HER.

Then last Friday, during a treat to the river, Roxy spotted a duck that had-to-be-chased.  Off she raced, disappearing into the high grass.  The duck went over the fence, and Roxy came back, shaking her head violently.

Off to see Dr Mervyn again.  He could see the grass seed in her ear. He suggested sedation again, and then we decided he might try removing it on the spot.  Roxy was so good, laying still as he pushed the light and alligator clips into her ear as he removed a long, wicked-looking thing.  Dr Mervyn look amazed and said, 'she's the first dog that has ever allowed me to do that!'

No more running free.  We'll be doing lead walks until seed season is finished or the grass is mowed.  Bella is allowed to run free, but she doesn't go into the grass.....we hope...not going for a Trifecta this Friday.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Look who came to visit us.....well....not us specifically, but Dubbo.
They came to experience the effects of the drought.
AND brought RAIN!

Of course, they've been here for a few weeks, gracing several businesses and residences.

And no, we didn't go.  We don't like crowds
AND there was thunder, lightning and wind;
So we had to sit close to HER incase SHE was

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Just checkin' in

Old photo, but still us.....
Windows 10 (3D Paint specifically) has completely %#@#&* up our picture file.  And it will no longer import pictures from our camera.

We've had lots of comments asking how we are.....and we're well.

Had a cold winter with lots of frosty mornings.

We were incarcerated at the kennels for nearly all of July while SHE went to Virginia.

Are having a drought....which means the 'roos and wallabies have moved to our side of the river.

Roxy and Dui have lost off-lead privileges because they disappeared on a 'roo hunt for half an hour
AND Roxy returned wearing  Essence of Dead Animal.

New feral cats have moved into the 'hood.  They run around in OUR garden at night, and drive us nuts.  We have pawprints on the car.

SHE didn't latch the gate properly and we went cat hunting.  Dui wouldn't relinquish his Freedom no matter how much SHE screamed 'who wants cheese', waved and whistled.  Honestly, SHE was embarrassing, we didn't want to be associated with HER.

Nothing new or earth-shattering happening here.  Spring has arrived with lots of flowering plants and even a little bit of rain.

So that's us.

Have a great weekend and we hope some cooler Autumn temps are heading your way.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Gauntlet of Cats.....

Because it's dark in the mornings, we are now going for
Street Light Walks.
It also means the cats of the 'hood
are still on the prowl.
We call the cul-de-sac end of our street
the Gauntlet of Cats.
There are always felines in front yards
on both sides.....
and we have to stay close to HER with our
retractable leads LOCKED so we can't lunge.

After Marmalade, the big ginger tom, moved out
most of the cats now are black with a splash of white.
SHE doesn't see them in the dark--we DO!
But the past few weeks there has been a new
kitty.  We call him Ghost Kitty.
This is an Identikit picture we made of him.

We don't know where Ghost Kitty lives because he is always in a different front yard!
Sometimes he will flatten himself when we pass, but
sometimes he rears up and hisses at us!
Yesterday, morning he was gone.
We didn't see him anywhere....
Then Dui STOPPED and stared behind us.
Ghost Kitty was walking down the street BEHIND us!