Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Still here

We've had some beautiful, if cool, days.
A week and a half since the last dose of Meloxicam.
Roxy is still going on all cylinders.
Telling everyone off:  HER, Dui, Bella, people on the street,
 cats, dogs....
Taking prime positions on beds....couch....in front of heater.
So back to normal but still 'under watch'.
We're on 'Winter Schedule'.
No Early Morning Walk.
River run at about 8 a.m. and later walk in the middle of the day.
We usually run into some of the 'river people' every morning
and our Weekends have been with everyone--with spacing.
 Teddy, Roxy's doppleganger, has grown up. 
 Sort of a Roxy with legs. And more spots.
So Life is Good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Day Three without Meloxicam

The end of a wild game.
(slow at getting the camera ready)

Monday, May 4, 2020

May the Fourth Be With You...

It has certainly been with Roxy!
We've had two days without the Magic Potion.

Saturday and Sunday were both rather dismal days.  Cold and cloudy.

 But that didn't stop Roxy's race and ram technique with Dui.
 And Bella just moseyed behind us...as usual.
 This Morning, Monday, it was cold, but the sun was out!
Searching for 'roos was on the agenda.
 Neither has worked out that since we've had rain and there is an abundance of feed around,
the 'roos don't need to be on our side of the river.
But they keep looking......just in case.
Here's a photo of the mist rising on the river this morning.

Paws crossed for Roxy's  continued improvement.
We have a few doses left of the Magic Potion
in case she has a relapse, and a 'hurried' visit
to the Vet won't be needed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lockdown fun.

At the river, Roxy used to wait for Diane to finish her coffee.
After licking out any coffee-milk residue, 
the ripped up the cardboard cup.

She hasn't done it for awhile, but last weekend  at the river,  she enjoyed ripping up the cup.  Yesterday, stopped for a coffee and apple slice to bring home.  Roxy was very excited when she saw the cup.  Had a great time ripping it up!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Reopening Too Early

After nearly two weeks of restricted movement, Roxy was bouncing off the walls.
She was allowed to go to the river Saturday morning.
We hope it isn't the equivalent of reopening
the economy too soon.
We took a leisurely walk around the track.

 She got in a bit of duck stalking,

and  socialised a bit with the other dogs.
There appears to be a bit of weakness in her back legs,
more evident when she's tired.
But she managed a good trot most of the way.

It is probably the effects of the drugs, so she was supervised carefully and not allowed to run. 
 However, an hour outside made her ready to be quiet 
for the rest of the day.
Thanks for all the good advice and POTP.

Monday, April 20, 2020


Roxy is in lockdown....supposedly for 2 months...only to be carried outside for 'business'.

 For awhile she has not been herself.  She would cry and snap if any other dog came near her.
Some mornings she wouldn't lift her head--even for treats.
You can see here, she isn't sitting in her usual 'happy' pose.

Last week we went to the 'dreaded' vet.
Had an appointment, then had to ring reception
to let them know we were outside.
A masked, gloved vet came to the car, heard her problem and escorted us inside.
After a very thorough examination,
X-rays were suggested.
While she was at the vet's
her old puppy crate was taken out and put together.
Naturally, the X-ray showed up nothing.
But the examination did indicate a weakness in her back legs.
So it was suggested 'total' rest, painkillers and see how we go.
As Roxy is a couch potato, she is only confined when not supervised.
So far, she is accepting being in the crate and not going for walks.
It has been a week, we're both getting used to the new regime.

Roxy's crate ( a canvas thing that looks like a tent) is the same as Dui's mancave.
The first night of confinement, Roxy had to be pushed into the crate and zipped up.
The next morning when the door was unzipped, 
Dui charged out ahead of Roxy! 
 He must have been inspecting it.  Don't know how they squished together, but neither made a noise all night.
We could use POTP...for Roxy's improvement
and for HER trying to keep Roxy quiet.