Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

Many of you may remember the story of HER favourite
 navy blue Birkenstocks.

 They fell victim to Bella's teeth.
SHE didn't throw them out straight away which lead to the
famous travelling-halfway-'round-the-world wearing
one black and one blue sandal incident.

Those sandals were replaced IN Germany and the whole transaction took place IN German.  SHE even had to correct the size SHE was given.  The kind sales ladies complemented HER on HER German.  SHE was very proud.

Alas, those sandals were modified by Roxy.

 Roxy chewed the centre strap.  However, once cutting off the straps, they could be worn again.


 Roxy decided to modify them once more.
 And they were thrown out.

Another pair was ordered from Germany.

SHE took great care of them.

this weekend when we had beautiful sandal weather.

 Some peeps never learn.
I hadn't chewed any shoes for weeks!
But there's just something about good German leather.

And besides, I was just keeping the family tradition alive.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Today is.....

September First

Yes ,5-month old Dui on the right, is nearly as big as Bella .  We think he's going to be a big boy.
 September 1st is Wattle Day.  
Wattles are on the national coat of arms and where Australia's
colours of Green and Gold (Yellow) come from.
 They've been out since August 1st when it used to be Wattle Day.
 Someone decided to change it.

It is also Spring.
(We go by months.)

A scientist on telly this morning said Australia has more than four seasons, and Spring actually starts in August.

He said plants have been blooming for a month already.

Just look at some of the bushes in our garden.

Our garden has plants that are drought proof
 and/or grow best when neglected.

We hope our US friends have had a safe, enjoyable 
Labor Day Weekend.

Friday, August 29, 2014

No More Ride the Wind....

for me...

Photobombing by Dui.

The back window I usually hang out is stuck in the down position.

It came up on Sunday morning,
but got stuck down again on Monday.

SHE says I stood on the button and made it go down.
SHE didn't notice until I jumped out at the river.

SHE also says it probably has several year's worth
 of mud and water from dripping dogs
 clogging up the works.
We say it's just poor workmanship.

 Whatever reason, it now has a Window Sock over it
 until it's repaired
AND since it's nearly Spring, it will stay there to provide shade.

So no more Wind in the Fur.

*    *    *    *    *

And for something different.....

We have our first jar of Worm Wee.
It'll be diluted in a 1:10 ratio and put on the plants.
Just in time for Spring on Monday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordless Wednesday...tormenting Bella

*Dui loves to bait Bella.

(Blogger is being extremely slow and not allowing us to comment on some blogs.)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Friend Jazzi

We looked through Jazzi's blog to find the perfect picture of her.
But they were all perfect.
Jazzi was a larger than life scottie, who taught us so much.....

*how to steal a taco (or other snack) and get away with it;
*that scotties CAN climb trees to meet tree rats on their territory;
*scotties can drive red 'vertables across country;
*how to avoid being thrown into leaf piles in Autumn;
*about avoiding trampolines;
*snoopervising building projects.
*how to be a friend;
and the delights of eating tacos.

Our friend Jazzi had to cross the Bridge, 
something no one expected.
She left us some wonderful memories.
Run Free, Jazzi.
If you would like to send thoughts or wishes to Jazzi's family, 
go here.
(Our comments are turned off.)
According to Ranger's crazy calendar, 
today is Ride the Wind Day....

Daisy was our Ride the Wind girl.

May the wind be with you....

Friday, August 22, 2014

Annual Visit to the Vets'

Today we headed to the vets'.

First off was Bella who did her usual quaking routine and tried
 her best to hide on the table.

Then Roxy.....
If looks could kill...
And finally Dui...
Everyone fit and immunized for another year.
(And Bella wasn't as overweight as SHE thought.)

Then it  was time to celebrate....

with some wild games.....

Bella doesn't join in the crazy games.
She usually hides behind HER because the others torment her.
That's why she isn't often in a photo with the other two.
We've forgotten all about the doctor now.
(But Dui has another appointment in two weeks.)