Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordless Wednesday...tormenting Bella

*Dui loves to bait Bella.

(Blogger is being extremely slow and not allowing us to comment on some blogs.)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Friend Jazzi

We looked through Jazzi's blog to find the perfect picture of her.
But they were all perfect.
Jazzi was a larger than life scottie, who taught us so much.....

*how to steal a taco (or other snack) and get away with it;
*that scotties CAN climb trees to meet tree rats on their territory;
*scotties can drive red 'vertables across country;
*how to avoid being thrown into leaf piles in Autumn;
*about avoiding trampolines;
*snoopervising building projects.
*how to be a friend;
and the delights of eating tacos.

Our friend Jazzi had to cross the Bridge, 
something no one expected.
She left us some wonderful memories.
Run Free, Jazzi.
If you would like to send thoughts or wishes to Jazzi's family, 
go here.
(Our comments are turned off.)
According to Ranger's crazy calendar, 
today is Ride the Wind Day....

Daisy was our Ride the Wind girl.

May the wind be with you....

Friday, August 22, 2014

Annual Visit to the Vets'

Today we headed to the vets'.

First off was Bella who did her usual quaking routine and tried
 her best to hide on the table.

Then Roxy.....
If looks could kill...
And finally Dui...
Everyone fit and immunized for another year.
(And Bella wasn't as overweight as SHE thought.)

Then it  was time to celebrate....

with some wild games.....

Bella doesn't join in the crazy games.
She usually hides behind HER because the others torment her.
That's why she isn't often in a photo with the other two.
We've forgotten all about the doctor now.
(But Dui has another appointment in two weeks.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our kibble bag has this message....

 SHE says 'why'?

We love puddles, water in plant pots and the river, best. 

We tend to ignore 'clean water.'
We LOVE messin' with HER mind!