Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tasty Tuesday....Goat Horns

Some of you asked about our Goat Horn treats.

They are delicious!
They seem softer than antlers because we
completely demolished one in two days.

This is all that's left of the second one.
 Our deer antlers, that we've been chewing on for a year or so, just have tooth marks.

No problems with digestion.....etc.  
Not much smell, so we could eat inside.....
We think they're a great treat!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Mischief on Monday...

Look!  Something's sleeping on OUR beach...

It's a pelican!

 We have to do something about that.

 And don't try that again, Mr Pelican!

Who knew Pelicans could be so mischievous!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

More Fog...

Another foggy morning....(It's about 7:45).
The track along the river is closed to traffic, but we can still go in for a walk.

 Yes, Bella is with us....though usually way behind.

 The river has vanished.
It should be just behind Roxy.
 Even the ducks have taken to the high trees...

By the time we returned to the parking lot,
our friends had arrived.

Ralph came today, he's a Bull Mastiff, and is the youngest.
Auntie Sue brought some treats....as usual..

Ralph (back), Chloe, Roxy, Bella.....Pi, Buddy and Dui
 The sun burned off all that fog, so when we got home, we could do some serious snoozing in the sun.
Roxy, using the Nandina as a pillow.

Dui enjoying the supposed-to-keep-the-dogs-off rocks.

This is the Winter weather we expect.....not all that cold.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


AGES ago, we won an Amazon Gift Card
from Zaphod and Hailey (thanks again, guys.)
AND SHE bought HERSELF some books....sheesh!

FINALLY, SHE bought us some treats to pay us back....
Our absolutely favourite fish treats....

 And some Goat Horns!

 We've had deer antlers....but never Goat Horns!
There were two in the packet....perfect.
Bella doesn't like chewing things you can't EAT!

looks like we got a goat with two left horns......

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

River treat....

Dui's special river treat is Chloe's and Jake's peep's coffee cups.  
He loves tearing them up!

 Sometimes, I Roxy, have to take it away from him ....

to keep him from getting too over-excited.
 *    *    *    *
We want to send out a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY
to Sweet William's MOM!
We hope she has a wonderful day! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Annoying Little Brothers....

I, Roxy, love to stalk birds.
Can you see those ducks on the other side of the puddle?
I creep up slowly........slowly......
 And then, Dui notices and charges off...no finesse....
I have to race him to be first.....
He is so annoying!
Must be a scottie thing because
sometimes Bella does the same thing and so
did Daisy. 
Any wonder I can't catch birds?