Saturday, October 14, 2017

Coco saves....

...........the rock.
Bella loves the rock game.
Because she broke the tip off a tooth, real rocks
are no longer used.
Frankie and Ernie sent her a blue plastic-y foam rock
a few years ago.
But, it accidently floated away, down the river.
Some replacements were found.
They have had paper clip wire shoved through them,
knotted and then plastic zip tags through that.
The rock can be attached to the retractable lead and used
like a fishing rod.

 Bella loves it.  She sometimes just refuses to give it up until
she's chewed it for awhile.
Yesterday (Sat.) she chewed through the zip tag and
the rock was floating down the river.
The peeps tried to get Ruby, who loves to retrieve a ball,
get the rock.  They threw real rocks
close to it, but Ruby kept looking for the real rocks.
Then her sibling, Coco, who loves to take Ruby's ball,
took time out from the 'usual' game,
Usual game.
to swim to the middle of the river and bring back Bella's rock!
Coco with the orange rock, Ruby swimming and Bella looking bemused.
This morning, (Sun) a new tag was attached, but Bella
chewed through that one, too!

If it happens again, we think it's the end of the rock game.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Playing is a serious business...


Game on!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Do you remember Maggie, Maggie and Maggie

those cheeky magpies that ate our treats?

Well....they arrive several times a day to be fed.
They were getting the cheap round treats
and SHE tried our long, delicious jerky treats.
Those birds just stuck their beaks in the air
and acted like they were going to be poisoned.

When Bella had to take antibiotics, it was easier to put them in a ball of mince (ground beef), but SHE gave some to those
They loved it!
Now they race over if SHE goes outside.
And sometimes, they come up to our little verandah

 And peer into our house looking for HER!

 They are such gluttons!
Please excuse the barren lawn.  Today is the first day of rain since early August.
We did get in an early walk before it started, but we've been sleeping most of the day.
We've still had three very wet, bedraggled magpies dropping by, though.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

It's been one of those weeks...

Monday was a public holiday, so EVERYONE was at the river in the morning.
Dui and Bella were entangled in burrs that had to be cut out.
Early....about 2:30 a.m. that night, Dui wanted out.
We all went out, then after about 10 minutes, Bella and Roxy wanted in.
Twenty minutes later, Dui barked to come in.
About 20 minutes later, he wanted out.  This was the pattern until 4 a.m. when SHE gave up any chance of sleep.

 Watched the depressing news...Las Vegas, Catalans, various murders and fatal car accidents....with cappuccino.
Then went into the study to find two huge
grass-filled vomits on the carpet.
Dui had decided to vomit in comfort.
As steam cleaning had been on the list of things to do,
SHE cleaned the carpet at 6:30 a.m.
We only got clean walks that day.

What is Roxy watching so intently?

 We thought it might be Kaci!
 But no, it was just a visitor.  Jedda who lives there is a
tiny black poodle.

 After taking these photos, SHE lost the camera.
Just put it down and couldn't find it...for two days.

Also, the back passenger side window went down
and won't come up.
Dui is getting the blame, he loves putting his
wet, muddy beard over  it.
Oh well, next week the timing belt has to be replaced, just add the window to the bill....
Bella....just hangin' around in the background.
 The weather has improved.  Cool nights and warm, sunny days,
for lying outside.

We are supposed to get some much-needed rain on Sunday.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

And the Good News....

After taking a course of antibiotics for whatever was causing the temperature and elevated liver enzymes, 

Bella was fine this morning, and has now had her
annual vaccinations.
We suppose it was lucky that whatever it was,
it was nipped in the bud.

Get this!

chewing a stick.
Someone told HER that SHE must be a special person
to have adopted such a weird-lookin' dog!

Monday, September 25, 2017


For those of you who read our Flying Doctor Service post.

The Doctor Service introduced the radio to isolated areas, so they could be called to medical emergencies.
That also meant that the people in remote areas could chat with their neighbours. 
The early radios were pedal powered.
Only in the 1930s-40s would anyone dress up to talk on the radio...BOL!

In 1956,  children who had been receiving correspondence lessons through School in the Mail--a slow, unreliable source, could
receive lessons using the radio.  For the first time, they were
able to speak to their teachers and hear their classmates.
Correspondence lessons were still sent out from
the major cities,
but School of the Air became more user-friendly.
Through the years there was an evolution to improve
service delivery.

Today, there are five Schools of Distance Education in New South Wales.  They are, and have always been Public schools.
(Not the same as home schooling)

We have one of those facilities.
It has about 450 students, who due to  isolation, illness, disability, religion or other reasons, can't access  regular schools, or high school students needing subjects not taught at their local school.
The teachers have classes of children pre-school to year 12.
Work and resources still arrive through the mail, but with computers, phones and other technology access to teachers is easier.
There are schedules when teachers are broadcasting, so the children are in a virtual classroom and can ask questions.

Activities are organised, such as  a week's residence in town to meet their teachers and classmates joining in  Athletics carnivals, STEM subjects or other activities.  There are usually 'camps' during the year so the students can catch up with each other, as well.
All children are encouraged to drop by any time they may be in town.

SHE thinks for those days teachers experience in the classroom, a school with no students would be the way to go!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


R and R!

Bella photobombed by Dui's tail.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Just in Time!

After our last trip outside at night, we are allowed ONE of these:

Fish skin jerky.

They are our FAVOURITES!
But look at our treat jar!

 It was EMPTY! 

But the very next day
 a new supply arrived. 
We didn't have to miss out even one night.

This has nothing to do with treats or fish skins,
But look at the Jasmine in bloom along our carport.
The area smells heavily of jasmine.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.  Ours is going to be HOT!
We know in a few weeks we'll probably be complaining about the heat, but we're looking forward to some heat.

This is us.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tuesday Tour...

We'd like to introduce Rex. 
He's a new addition to the Weekend River Social Club.
He's very fast, so Dui and I grounded him so you could see him.
His peep is a Nurse Practitioner with the
Royal Flying Doctor Service. (nice segue into today's topic.)
As you may or may not know, Australia is a BIG place,
with a small population.
(About the size of the evacuation of Florida during Irma.)
Most people live along the east coast.

We live in the Texas bit.
 Most of the interior...the outback... is sparsely populated.
Hospitals and medical centres are small and few.
That's where the RFDS comes in.
We have a base right here in town and though, SHE sees it
whenever SHE goes to the airport...has never visited it!
Until today!
There was a museum and video
explaining medical help in remote  communities.

This is a modern First Aid Kit supplied to a reliable resident.
The list of contents is on the back.
 Everything must be accounted for.

This is an old medical chest.

This chart helps doctor's give medical advice for first aid.
There was a story of a man who complained he hurt in area 9, and was told to look for the drugs at 9 in the chest.
Asked how he was the next day and he said 'Great'.  He couldn't find 9, so took a 7 and 2!

Dubbo has a fleet of five Beechcraft planes....costing $9 million each.
This one was in the hangar ready for use.
Each BLADE of the propellers is worth $10,000.
They are made in the US and the pilots have to go there to be trained.  A new facility is in the pipeline, much larger and train pilots here in Dubbo in future.
The RFDS is always ready to transfer patients to Dubbo Base or larger hospitals in the cities.  They can have a doctor and nurse on board depending on the case, or just the nurse (and pilot, of course.)

They attend road accidents, farming accidents, rodeo accidents, illness, deliver the occasional baby, or transfer child transplant patients.

There was a simulator for visitors.


The main cabin with stretcher, hospital bed, and equipment.
Also seats for the staff and any accompanying relatives.
Some of the bases provide health clinics to remote areas.
Ours has a Tooth Plane, providing dental services to remote areas.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, we hear a plane overhead and know the RFDS is at work.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


You know those mornings when something doesn't feel quite right?
Friday was one of those mornings.
We did have a short early walk....
but later, Bella was tortured on the grooming table,
and I, Roxy, had a powder puff bath and put on my best
collar...the one with the Ernie and Roxy tag.
We piled into the car and went
to the VET!
Bella went in first, and we found out she had a
high temperature!
(The vet took it 4 times with two thermometers!)
 So that meant she couldn't be vaccinated!
However, she did have blood stolen from her neck,
and was supposed to have a urine sample.
SHE, armed with a bright blue plastic kidney dish,
took Bella outside.
Bella was too nervous to cooperate.
So I, Roxy, after a ruckus trying to get me out of the car and leave Dui in,
had to sniff around to encourage Bella.
It didn't work,
Waiting for my turn on the table.
 So I had to go inside.
Ignoring everything that's happening.
I submitted to all the indignities stoically and had my injections.
We were piled back into the car....SHE had the kidney dish,
and we went to the soccer field just down the road.
Bella performed on the first post....sample collected.
Dui and I were having a great time racing around like maniacs, so we stayed for a little longer.
As we headed back to the car, SHE noticed a man approaching with a dog.  Roxy and Dui were put on leads...the precious kidney dish placed on the grass...and Bella decided it was up to her to protect the pack.  She chased that dog off the field...........twice!
All the time, SHE was holding lunging dogs away from the dish, and yelling for Bella like a banshee!
Finally, the kidney dish was  emptied into the little jar, and we headed back to the vet's to drop it off!
For $302 we discovered that Bella has slightly elevated enzymes in her liver and is on antibiotics for 10 days.
She shows no symptoms of anything, so hopefully, she just has an infection of some sort.  We'll just keep checking.
And , hopefully, she'll get her injections soon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Come down here, and say that!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It was a gorgeous day.

We went to the river walk we hadn't been to since last Friday.
There were loads of cockatoos...
We think they were speed dating.
I, Roxy, did a bit of grazing...I love grass.
When suddenly a lovely malodorous smell reached my nose.
Next thing I knew, I was mid-roach
and SHE was screaming at me!
The lead was clamped on my collar
and I had to spend the rest of the walk
stuck on the to HER!

As if that weren't bad enough, when we got home,
I had to have a dry bath that took all my glorious smell
and dirt off! (second time this week.)

Not impressed
SHE uses this stuff, originally bought for the scotties, but it's hard to brush out of black dogs.

I sulked most of the day!