Sunday, December 8, 2019

Weekend Wrap up

We went to the river as if you couldn't work that out...BOL!
Roxy, though better, is still not back to her usual self.
You can tell by her hang dog look.
It is difficult to tell what is unwell and what is theatrics.
 She cries and yelps if anyone or anydog comes close to her.  However, she jumps up on furniture, or down to race out to bark at cats or people walking dogs.

She also never yelps when touched in the same place....seems to move around her body.
We are still just letting her take the lead.
On Sunday, one of the pups came (you'll notice Roxy has no problem jumping up to see).
 It was Teddy (formerly Pirate).  
The pups had their inoculations a few weeks ago and have been in quarantine.
The Vet also said they were girls....not boys!
Checking out Teddy after our long absence. 
 We could have told them that!

Though much of the east coast of Oz has fires,
there are no fires near us
but, we are getting the smoke.
It was quite bad on the weekend.
That's why it looks so hazy.

 Teddy came with us on our walk along the track.
She's a very good girl.

(Also, Canadian and American firefighters have volunteered to give up their Christmas at home to help control the fires.  We are VERY GRATEFUL!)


  1. We are very happy to hear that the fires are not close to you, but just the same be careful with the smoke. It sounds like a mystery as to what is going on with Roxy. We hope she will be better soon.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. We hope Roxy is okay and is just being a drama queen

  3. Dear friends,

    Smoke from fires is awful. We are glad our firefighters are there helping you!

    Also, perhaps Roxy has a ghost bothering her. Roxy, I am sure you are happy that your person is listening to you and not trying to disrupt the ghost! Although we do hope the ghost leaves soon.


  4. glad the fires are not near you. So sorry that Roxy can't tell you just what is bothering her
    Mabel & Hilda

  5. I, too, am super happy that the fires aren't near you ~ we sure know about the wild fires. I gots my paws crossed real tight that that horrible drought will end very soon, and all the smoke will clear.
    Roxy, gurl, I hopes you are just 'milking it' for some extra scritches and treaties, and aren't hurting too bad. I am sendin' some POTP just in case. ☺
    Ruby ♥

  6. Maybe Roxy is pulling the old sympathy ploy.

  7. Hoping that Roxy's ailments are mostly theatre.
    Good to see that Teddy is coming along nicely.

  8. hugs and potp to Roxy... and we keep all the peeps the pets and the wildlife in our thoughts who are in the evil fire area...

  9. We're glad to hear Roxy was feeling well enough to go to the river with you but we are keeping our paws crossed that she is completely back to normal soon. Our paws are also crossed that those fires can be stopped soon too.

  10. prayers for your safety and for the firefighters that are working so hard to contain them.. poor sweet Roxy, hope you can figure out the cause. it is so hard when they are hurting because they can't tell us what hurts.. hugs to all of you

  11. We are happy to hear that you are safe from the fires and we hope they're extinguished soon. I, too, hope that this is just a drama queen act and you're okay, Roxy.

  12. Poor Roxy! We hope you're feeling better soon. We also hope those fires are put out quickly. You need nice clean fresh air to breathe.

  13. We are also glad to hear the fires aren't too close to you. But we also know how yucky the smoke from wildfires can be...

    Sending POTP in hopes Roxy gets back to all the way better soon!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  14. Roxy darlin' are you perhaps 'paying mom back for leaving you' by making her worry. If so, time to move on. You are a puzzle.

    Gosh I had not heard about volunteering from way on this side of the world. Fire is my worst fear.
    Hugs Cecilia

  15. We are glad you don't have any fires nearby! How we wish we could go with you to your river! Happy Howlidaze!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Oh Roxy... I really hope that you feel better very very soon. And tell those fires to stay away.

  17. I hope that the fires don't come near you, so scary. We're very proud of our firefighters who went to help. Roxy, we hope you're feeling better soon.