Thursday, April 15, 2010

And now for something different......

They're not scotties...I bet you picked that straight away. They're rhinos. We live near a zoo. (Not that I've ever been there.) On our early morning walks sometimes we hear the Siamang Apes. That's if the kookaburras quieten down for a few minutes. Siamangs sound REALLY wild.
Anyway, our zoo is a breeding zoo for endangered wildlife. This little girl is only 2 months old. She's the eleventh calf born in the breeding program. She is one of the hopes for the future of the black rhino.

Alpha thinks she's cute....but then, she thinks any baby is cute (even kittens).

After she visited the new rhino, she went to say hello to some of her favourite animals. This is Suzie the wombat. She was rescued when her mother was killed and now lives permanently at the zoo. Alpha reckons that wombats and scotties look similar. Well....I do sleep on my back, dig, we both have stumpy legs and pointy ears. But I'm not that fat!

The zoo 'enriches' the animals by hiding their food. This little Meerkat is getting crickets out of a papier-mache ball. He had to stretch to reach them. The spin-off of this is WE get enriched. That's why we go for so many walks, have kongs, bones, chase balls, ride in cars, get brushed and get cuddled. We're very happy to hear about all you other doggies being enriched, too. (The dog next door only gets enriched when Bella puts her paws under the fence and upsets it so they have a growly game.)
If they ever allow dogs to go to the zoo. I'm going to be first in line.


  1. Hi Daisy, I sure loved loved loved your post today!!!! Love to see all the animals. It looks like a great zoo!!!!
    Thanks for your visit today!!! And thanks for your kind words about huddy. He is trying to be careful while he waits. But just as soon as he decides where to have the surgery he will go and get it!!! He is talking London.
    XXOO, Fern

  2. What a great zoo.
    Nothing like baby animals....Aaahhhh!

  3. How neat to live near a zoo! Our mom thinks all baby animals are cute too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Love the pics, it is nice to hear about where you live.


  5. wow, that is super duper cool that you live next to a zoo! thanks for showin' us the pictures of the black rhinos and the wombat and the meerkat. my mama thought the wombat was a little piggie at first. heehee.
    the booker man

  6. I am just getting over another dizzy spell!! It started at about 3 pm today and when it is going on I can't do anything!!!!!!!!
    It is now almost 10 pm and I am feeling ok again!!! It just messes up a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Come back soon.
    XO, Bambi & Fern

  7. What a fun post. Some of those animals are crazy looking.