Friday, February 28, 2020

It's Spring!

Yes, we've been having a modicum of rain each week.  (Still in drought, though.)  Our reservoir dam is now up from only 1% to 4%!  And we continue on Level 4 water restrictions. 

even the little rain we've had has greened up everything.
Weeds are growing in profusion,
and the sounds of lawn mowers are heard once more!

Everything is bursting out in new growth.

New photinia leaves


the magnolia 'stick' has new leaves

We think gazanias

unknown--plant knowledge has come to an end.
Yes, all over town there are glorious plants.
Definitely Spring!
But someone should tell Mother Nature that
we're in the southern hemisphere--
Autumn begins on Sunday!


  1. BOL BOL we have come to the conclusion over here that Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have an off spring named...CONFUSION!!
    Crazy pants weather indeed. But what a treat in Autumn to see the lovely blooms
    Hugs to the 3 Musketerrs and YOU

  2. We hope your beautiful flowers stay confused and you have color and blossoms for rest of the year!

  3. Such beautimous flowers!! The seasons sure are wacky...but if it could be any season, Spring is a good one!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  4. You sure have some pretty flowers even if they aren't supposed to be blooming now.

  5. Such beauty despite the dry weather. We hope you do get more rain so you can enjoy all the pretty colors before Autumn and Winter take over.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  6. I remember the water restritcions in California during a drought. What I learned:

    Drink wine not water
    Shower with a good friend.

  7. Oh, nows that is beautifuls! Yes, even with a little rain, the plants rejoice! We are getting Spring here too ~ it hasn't rained all month, and the temps have been near 80F/26C ! I'm just enjoyin' it, and not complaining. The no rain was helpful during my surgicals thou! BOL!
    I hopes you guys gets more rain soon!
    Ruby ♥

  8. this means spring has sprung as autumn should start, our world weather is quite mad and upside down... enjoy these gorgeous plants while you can. who knows what mother nature will do next. glad you are up a little but praying for your water levels to rise where they should be but not all at one time...