Sunday, August 21, 2016

Saturday Morning.....

Sorry, there are no ACTION shots.

Saturday morning was gorgeous....
We arrived at the river at the same time
as Flash, Buddy and Ebony.
So we walked around the track together.
Roxy took off through the tall grasses
with Dui in hot pursuit!

They were chasing a couple of low-flying ducks.
When the peeps got close to Bella's favourite puddle,
this is what they found...

 Tiny ducklings.....
The parents were obviously trying to lead the dogs away.
Then all hell broke loose....hence the lack of photos.

Five dogs trying to get to the ducklings,
Flash, Buddy and Roxy were just interested.
Ebony much have thought they were a new kind of ball.
and the scotties.....went into hunting mode.

Peeps running everywhere to chase off dogs.
SHE managed to get Dui and Roxy on leads.
The ducklings decided Roxy was their mother
and were chasing her, trying to get under her for protection.
Ducklings carried back to the water....
Dui dragged off by J,
a hawk appeared.....
and a crow.....
Peeps were waving them off, trying not to step on
ducklings who were after Roxy again!
Finally, after several frenetic minutes:
Ducklings back in the puddle and
parents returned.
However, there was one fatality.
One baby deaded by a quick bite.

That was me, the Dui-man!


  1. Those little duckings are pretty cute! Hope the remaining ones survive. Enjoy the nice weather.


  3. Dui man what can I say.
    Last week at hawk got me. Lee was at the kitchen window taking a picture of it sitting on the fence and I was minding my own business in my yard. The hawk swooped down on me and tore a hunk of my skin off my back. Lee came out screaming.
    Maybe next time pick on something bigger like a hawk because they are nasty. I had to go to the vet.
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Momma says dere are pups dat has been carried off and killed by hawks in our nayborhood - scary!

    2. Texas probably grows Hawks bigger Kinley! I am a 24lb guy I think the Hawk thought I was a light weight. Now Bald Eagles is what we have to worry about taking me away.

  4. We can tell by that picture that you're very proud of yourself, Dui☺

  5. Sounds a little chaotic. We celebrate your success Dui (even as we know the people are frowning, they don't understand).

  6. That's a HUGE grin Dui....did you fancy duck fur tea?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Oh no, how could you Dui. That is a dogs nature though I suppose.
    Sounds like total bedlam, glad everyone managed to catch all the dogs and put them on their lead.
    What did Roxy think about being a ducklings temporary mum?
    Elliot x

  8. Oh my dawg! What a ruckus! Dui, Dui, Dui!!
    Lily & Edward

  9. Great job Dui!!!Great pictures too. Keep posting more!!!

  10. We used to raise ducks and one batch of ducklings followed our St Bernard everywhere. She was gentle with them, but did crush a couple when she laid down in her doh=g house and they got under her.

    Dui man, you've got to learn some tooth control before you get yourself in real trouble. Noah has the same problem and we're working on it. Think before you bite.

  11. Whoa Dui! you are a wild man. Must have been cute to see the ducks trying to follow Roxy
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. Those ducklings were perfect snack size!

  13. CRIKEY Dui ... Way to go, mate??? Did you get to eat it??? I would have. If I got one of those blokes in MY mouth no one would have caught me till it was all gone. I can just picture the frenzy all the peeps would have been in. Wish I'd been there!!

  14. That sure was a lot of excitement at the river.

  15. Those little ducklings are hard to resist....

  16. Uh oh, we can imagine the panic in that situation. Poor baby duck. (we would have done the same...)

  17. OMD, what a scene!!!! That must have been crazy!!!! Wells, the peeps did their bestest to keep the little duckies safe, butts, we are terriers, so.....yeah, I see that smile dude....☺
    Ruby ♥